Our project at the Dutch Design Week 2019

If you are planning to attend the Dutch Design Week (from 19-27 Oct in Eindhoven), come and join us at the Design United Exhibition entitled “Tilt-shift: reframing futures”. This exhibition is a joint effort from the 4TU (Universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen).

Our project will be part of this exhibit, and we will carry out a design research experiment called “The journalist of the future city”. To this end, we have adapted a card game to equip people to imagine how value changes might occur as a result of the implementation of technology in the city. More information about our exhibit in the box below!

How can we best prepare to imagine and create our futures?“The Journalist of the Future City” This collaborative project is an imagination game for triggering thought-provoking ideas on how urban life and values might change as a result of the introduction of a new technology in the city. Players each draw four cards from the card deck and then create a provocative short story based on the content of the cards. This exhibition is in part a design research experiment. The results will inform continued research on how to equip people for future-making activities, and how citizens anticipate value changes in the smart city context. Visitors are invited to play. 

We are looking forward to attending the Dutch Design Week and getting inspired by the visitors’ participation. It would be great to see you there!