‘The future of the city’ event organized by Fasade in Amersfoort

On January 28th, 2020, we were involved in the first evening of the Future of the City event series organized by Fasade in Amersfoort (live music included!) where participants could play our storytelling card game about the future of the city.

The event had interesting speakers: Jeroen Ruitenbeek provided a clear urban planning analysis of a district area in Amersfoort (Langs Eem and Spoor), and Jan-Willem Wesselink (one of our project partners, from the Future City Foundation) talked about the ethical implications of smart city technology. Besides, we attended a thought-provoking panel discussion (joined by our colleague Anouk Geenen) that inspired us to think about relevant questions such as: ‘How is the city evolving, and how do these changes influence the future?’ ‘What does “being a smart city” truly mean?’.

It was nice and inspiring to engage with citizens and practitioners in Amersfoort. We are looking forward to the upcoming events and sessions we will have in 2020 as part of our research project.