Sensemaking and smart cities: the role of participatory design

The (virtual) Design Research Society Conference is taking place this week (DRS2020). The theme of the conference is ‘synergy’: exploring design research as a driver for creating transformative change for good, through collaboration and co-creation.

For this conference, we wrote a paper about organizing collaborative processes to make sense of smart city technologies.

The article is open access, take a look! ==> Matos Castaño, J., Geenen, A., Van der Voort, M. (2020) The role of participatory design activities in supporting sense-making in the smart city – Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2020 Volume 1 (p.p 389-405)

Interested in reading a summary of our main insights and line of thought? You may find a reduced version in this blogpost.

Do you recognize the importance of sensemaking while collaborating in smart city projects? Let us know what you think!