Responsible Smart Cities Workshop (meetup series)

Have you ever wondered how we might achieve a smart city that fulfills all its inhabitants’ aspirations? How might this city look like when you see it through other people’s eyes? And what kinds of actions might be needed to design a responsible smart city?

If you are interested in exploring with us these kinds of questions, we welcome you to take part in our series of online workshops, on September 23 and September 30 (from 15h30-17h). These will be sequential workshops and we hope you can join us for both sessions for a full experience.

• In the first workshop, we will reflect on how individual aspirations and interests shape the smart city. To this end, you will take different stakeholder roles and reflect on smart city developments with others. This session will take place on 23 September (15h30-17h).

• After joining the first session, in the second workshop, we will map potential actions that could lead to a smart city in which different aspirations and interests can coexist. This session will take place on 30 September (15h30-17h).

The main takeaway from the workshops will be to experience a design-based method to bridge multiple perspectives and to collectively define tactics to address the issues you identify during the sessions. Besides, you will participate in our ongoing research project Your contribution will be very valuable for us to continue developing methods and approaches for responsible smart city development.

Are you one of the participants who will join us on 23 and 30 September? Do you know anybody who would like to join? We welcome anybody interested in this topic!

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PS: If you are interested in knowing more about the workshop, have a look at the pre-workshop materials below.