Interesting lessons from a workshop for Co-Designing Local Data Interfaces

On September 19th, Corelia Baibarac-Duignan organised a workshop to explore neighborhood ‘data’ and re-imagine neighbourhood futures, together with residents of Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht).

The workshop was guided by the questions: ‘What is data?’,  ‘Who decides?’ and ‘How can it be made meaningful for the future of the neighborhood?’. Rather than focusing on data  understood from a technological perspective, the aim was to enable the participants to more broadly explore and re-imagine the landscape of the neighbourhood.

The guiding themes for the exploration and future-making were sustainability, nature and food.The workshop was part of the Public Engagement  Seed Fund initiative of Utrecht University and it was organised in collaboration with  a group of artists  active in Leidsche Rijn, The Outsiders, and linked to their ‘Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills’ project. The workshop led to the concept of (un)gluing in connection to creative urban methods and human/technology relations, which was discussed during the PHTR conference.

Check out this link for more information on the workshop method and outcomes: