Workshop- Ethical dilemma scenarios of Responsible Smart City Design

Together with Gemeente Amersfoort, Aerovision and Marxman, we have co-created a tool to explore ethical dilemmas in smart city futures.

This tool consists of a set of 4 scenarios that are fictive and provocative short narratives that illustrate ethical issues arising from the development and implementation of smart city technologies. The scenarios narrate plausible stories that provoke public, private, and civic stakeholders to consider their choices and actions if they encountered the situation the narratives present. Different stakeholders can use these scenarios to reflect on the ethical implications of technology, and to discuss and debate ethical issues in smart cities that go beyond discourses around efficiency or optimization.

On 28 April 2021, we had the opportunity to present these scenarios to the Ethical Group within the City Deal, through a session organised by Future City Foundation.

We are looking forward to the next steps and to test these scenarios in a real case. We will keep you posted!