Book chapter in ‘Rethinking Technology and Engineering’

Great milestone! Our colleague Anouk Geenen, together with Julieta Matos-Castano and Mascha van der Voort have published a book chapter in the Springer volume ‘Rethinking Technology and Engineering’.

The chapter, entitled ‘The Potential of Smart City Controversies to Foster Civic Engagement, Ethical Reflection and Alternative Imaginaries’, focuses on the following:

In this chapter, we argue that socio-technical controversies are conflicts to embrace and utilize, rather than to smoothen out or avoid. Building on theoretical insights from Science and Technology Studies and Philosophy of Engineering, and contextualizing these in the smart city, we highlight a threefold potential of smart city controversies to work towards more responsible development of our future cities. We argue that socio-technical controversies are promising entry points for civic engagement, ethical reflection and alternative imaginaries on the introduction of technology in cities. We support this framework by examples from global smart city projects, and suggest a ‘Designing for Controversies’ approach to embrace conflict in a constructive manner.

For more information about the book, take a look here: